A week-long roadie through British Columbia with my miniature dachshund.


A week-long roadie through British Columbia with my miniature dachshund.

This past week I left my home of two years in Banff National Park, AB, to move back to Ontario where I’m from. This was so I could pursue my ambition of moving to Australia with my boyfriend, Doug, in the new year! (And bringing Libby with us of course!) But before going home, we wanted to spend some time exploring a little more of the west coast since I’ve never been farther than Yoho National Park. 

Since we are big fans of the outdoors and camping, we decided to rent a camper van from Escape CamperVans. This company operates mainly in the US but also has two offices in Canada which are in Calgary and Vancouver. We rented a camper van so we could get around to all of our different locations and just to add a little more accessibility. Libby was a huge fan of the camper van. She’s small enough to feel comfortable in such a small space. And since the back folded into a queen bed, she was still able to burrow herself under our blankets when it got a little bit chilly for her in the middle of the night. We also had a fourth addition joining us on our little roadie which was one of my best friends, Sam. He was also planning to leave Banff around the same time as us and to have him on the trip meant the world to me. The camper van was ample enough room for the four of us!! It had the option to add a roof sleeper on the top as well, but we figured that might just be a little redundant since we all fit nicely in the van as it was. Although keep in mind that Libby is a very small pupper, so if you’re thinking of doing a trip like this with a slightly bigger dog, it might not be a bad idea to add on the rooftop sleeper if you’re travelling with more than two adults. 

Our trip lasted 7 days, and we stayed in Kelowna, Fort Langley, Tofino, and Vancouver. The number of dog-friendly activities available to us on our trip made me really happy we decided to do it, and that we were able to bring Libby along without feeling as though we were unable to have a full experience. Keep an eye out for incoming posts where I’ll share with you exactly where we went and what we did during each day. Hopefully those of you who are interested in heading through BC with your furry companion will find some inspiration for what to do! 

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